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The Best-Of Series

We are in the early stages of creating a series of "best-of" websites. The concept is very simple which will make content production a breeze. Over the course of the next year, we will be launching these websites with tons of blog articles and other deep content which will make linl-building a breeze.

In the meantime, we are still going through strategy, planning, the design process, and content production. However, this does not stop us from beginning the backlink building for future Google ranking. We are using DotCom Partner Network to get an early start. By the time these sites go live, they will already have a solid backlink foundation and associated Domain Authorities.

Authors, professional speakers, coaches, and consultants represent the largest portion of our clients - so this was a natural approach. Our office is located in New Jersey but we have recently moved to Florida ... so that's the story behind the Best Florida Websites and Best New Jersey Websites

Industry Directories

Another approach for our private network is to create directories which are specific to a particular industry or geographic location. The directory approach provides unique opportunities to build backlinks to a large number of related websites, which is very useful for this situation.

Expert directories also give us the opportunity to use their influence and perceived authority to gain actual authority over time. These are the super-weapons of our private partner network.

We have long maintained directories for Long Beach Island, NJ and for Ocean City, NJ. More recently, we have added The Fence Company Directory for a group of our clients in the fencing industry and The U.S. Business Directory.

Other Projects

We have a number of "other" projects that are on our development list. There's no telling where these projects will go or when we will finally get to blow them out. Until they take shape, we are using them for our partner network.

We anticipate that by the time these websites launch in their final form, we will have built them all up with Domain Authorities of 40 or more. That's a heck of a "head start".

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